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We have worked with a wide range of clients across the UK. See just some of our testimonials below…

Nick Prior from Reading said…

“Really pleased I contacted this company. My previous solicitors from Reading got me a very bad result which led to the Magistrates court disqualifying me for 3 years together with a £2,500 fine. After contacting Protect Your Driving Licence Ltd, they put me in contact with one of their specialist traffic law barristers who after very quickly reviewing the case advised me to appeal to the Crown Court. The barrister prepared every area of the case and the appeal was successful resulting in the ban being quashed and the fine refunded. All I can say is that Protect your driving licence are fantastic and I would recommend anyone who drives to join.”

Lee Samuels from Swindon said…

“I drive for a living, so my licence is my livelihood. As a member for some years the time came when I needed help after a road traffic incident. Protect Your Driving Licence where there for me. They put me in contact with a specialist traffic law barrister who assisted me from start to finish and I can honestly say without their help I would have lost my licence and my job. I cannot recommend them enough”

Mrs Pullinger from Melksham said…

“I have been a member since 2016 and never had to use the service but it gives me great peace of mind to know that if I need any advice regarding a road traffic matter there is specialist advice a phone call away.”

Sean O’Grady from Chelmsford said…

“Not only did being a member save my driving licence but it saved me thousands of pounds in legal fees. These guys are great and as a self-employed builder who drives daily I would not be without them”


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